Team Social Revolution created a game focussed on increased CCTV cameras on the Gold Coast. The aim is to destroy cameras without being filmed.

Design solutions for journalism

Journalism should try designing its way out of some of its challenges. Let’s face it, new technologies, dwindling advertising revenues, legacy attitudes about audiences and a shift in power toward tech companies means there’s a lot to address. It’s a wicked problem. But it can be worked through and design is a way to do […]

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Journalism + IxD = new ideas

Journalism needs to innovate, so we’ve teamed up journalism and interaction design students in the hope that they’ll come up new ideas for the media industry.

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Hypertext and journalism

My review article on how journalism research might further explore hypertext has been published in Digital Journalism

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‘We’re not better off with citizen journalists’

Amalia Buckerfield, Sean Rintel and myself were on the negative team for UQ’s inagural Great Debate. The topic was “We are better off with citizen journalists”. We put in a solid effort, complete with props and a dance by Sean, but lost out to Carl Smith, John Cook and Liam Pomfret on the affirmative team.

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A scene from September 12th

Games will be part of journalism’s future

Using games to tell news stories forces journalists to think and work in radically different ways. But, these rich, non-linear narratives have the potential to push storytelling in new directions and engage audiences more deeply.

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