NBN good news for content creators

Demand for content creation could be about to take off in Australia. The rollout of the National Broadband Network (or whatever we get instead) is focusing attention on disseminating information and digital content creators will be the winners.

Last week the Queensland branch of AIMIA ran the Show Me The Money seminar on how to find money to grow business. While the focus of the discussion centered on tax credits and structuring grant applications, the underlying message was that the NBN is forcing the hand of government and organisations, which are looking for ways to collaborate with content creators.

The keywords are innovation, collaboration and content creation – with the aim of spending the billions about to be invested in the digital economy locally.

Mark Fludder, of the Information Industries Bureau – Queensland’s ICT development unit – said that thanks to the NBN the government was now paying attention to content creation and the digital economy and would be looking to partner with firms to create applications that aid in the digital distribution of volumes of information the state had.

Content was the keyword for Screen Queensland too. Meredith Garlick, head of development and production, said that under new funding programs, projects would need to be “platform neutral”.

Screen Queensland, she said, was exploring boundaries of converged content and funding new forms of long-form entertainment.

According to Michael Burke, AIMIA Qld president and Liquid Interactive managing director, the digital services industry needed to start planning for change.

“We are on the cusp of a change in our industry. Government and organisations are looking for opportunites to interact. It is very much about innovation and collaboration.”

This is good news for content creators.

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