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NewsCubed is small startup that puts technology and users at the centre of communication design. It is focused on innovation and the belief that the media industry needs a new approach if it is going to tackle the computational challenges that are coming.

The company primarily manages the NewsCube: an interactive storytelling tool that was designed as part of my PhD research.

The NewsCube won an inagural  Walkley Innovation Grant in 2014. The tool aims to solve the problem of researching or telling complex stories. It does this via a three-dimensional virtual cube that allows you create and aggregate story components in a interactive package. NewsCubes are collaborative and sharable.

The primary finding of the NewsCubed research project was the potential for design research to drive journalism innovation. The research identified Journalism Design as an emerging area of journalism research and practice that address the technological possibilities for journalism as well as the journalistic possibilities for technology.



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