Digital journalism resources


Links to a range of materials for anyone interested in producing news for new platforms, including multimedia and data stories, free tools, games and resources.

Investigative journalism resources


Links to a range of materials including investigative stories, search tools, interviews and organisations — will be updated

Three books on games for journalists


Here’s the guff on three books that take different views on gaming but which all have a message for the media industry.

Free tools for telling interactive stories


There are some tools available that can bring a strong visual and interactive element to stories without the need to create in Flash

Funding Journalism in the Digital Age


Jeff Kaye and Stephen Quinn’s book is nothing we don’t already know, but it puts it all in one place

Video tips from a MasterChef editor


Structure. pace and clarity are Brett McCauley’s ingredients for a good edit. Having worked on Channel Ten’s successful MasterChef series McCauley has some good ideas about how to keep an audience visually and emotionally engaged.

Hacked into shape


Any journalist who has been mentored by a seasoned hack understands the benefits of someone deleting the first three pars of your story


Skye with VQ's Fralyn Streit

Presentations and handouts from the recent Social Media for Social Causes workshop

10 ways to make money


Talk of free content and failing business models is overshadowing a key aspect of digital publishing: opportunity

Business models for premium journalism

Seminar given to staff at the University of Queensland School of Journalism and Communication.

Online editor’s toolbox


Three easy ways to add reader value to online content: link, package, promote.