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Journalism meets interaction design

Revolv: A student project from the 2014 course

All about the undergraduate teaching initiative that teams up journalism and interaction design students.

J+IxD: teaching design to journalists

One of the prototypes created by journalism and interaction design students in 2013

Lecture slides and resources for this year’s iteration of Journalism + Interaction Design at UQ

NewsCube wins innovation grant


My NewsCube project has won a Walkley Innovation Grant. The project was one of six projects in the running for a share of $40,000 in seed funding to develop the project. a case for translational research

Metastory:'s cards on immigration

Any of the world’s newsrooms could have done what Ezra Klein has 17 years ago if they were aware of the work of journalism academics

Hypertext and news stories


The analysis of 24 news stories, news packages and content aggregation tools, reinforces previous studies that show journalism has not exploited the potential of hypertext as a narrative device

Design solutions for journalism

Team Social Revolution created a game focussed on increased CCTV cameras on the Gold Coast. The aim is to destroy cameras without being filmed.

Journalism should try designing its way out of some of its challenges. Let’s face it, new technologies, dwindling advertising revenues, legacy attitudes about audiences and a shift in power toward tech companies means there’s a lot to address. It’s a wicked problem. But it can be worked through and design is a way to do […]

Journalism + IxD = new ideas


Journalism needs to innovate, so we’ve teamed up journalism and interaction design students in the hope that they’ll come up new ideas for the media industry.

Hypertext and journalism


My review article on how journalism research might further explore hypertext has been published in Digital Journalism

Dirty stories for a prototype


The NewsCubed project has moved into a new phase: journalism. It is digging around the issue of soil security; a potentially serious, but so far fairly under-reported topic.

Will the geeks inherit the newsroom?


Journalists need to learn the language of technology or they risk further eroding their own economic value. Article published in the International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society

‘We’re not better off with citizen journalists’


Amalia Buckerfield, Sean Rintel and myself were on the negative team for UQ’s inagural Great Debate. The topic was “We are better off with citizen journalists”. We put in a solid effort, complete with props and a dance by Sean, but lost out to Carl Smith, John Cook and Liam Pomfret on the affirmative team.

Journalism and the narrative hypertext bypass

Despite the increased focus in recent years on digital content and the emergence of new social and mobile platforms, much online journalism is largely the same as the analogue variety. Journalism has failed to look outside itself to find ideas about how to adapt to new technology.

Letter to the Editor


Here is the full text of my letter to The Australian in response to Cameron Stewart’s piece, Media’s Great Divide.

Lords’ insights into investigative journalism


The House of Lords report on The Future of Investigative Journalism is probably one of the few real insights into the business of reporting and publishing journalism that is in the public interest

Games will be part of journalism’s future

A scene from September 12th

Using games to tell news stories forces journalists to think and work in radically different ways. But, these rich, non-linear narratives have the potential to push storytelling in new directions and engage audiences more deeply.

A model for more interactive journalism

Bypassing the editorial process would give users greater participation in the story creation process

A system that allows journalists to control fact-gathering while allowing users to become involved in story creation, might achieve the higher levels of interaction

What can journalism learn from interaction design?


An overview of the NewsCubed research project

Pearson shows digital can pay


Pearson’s half-year results last week show that premium content and mobile platforms mean publishers can make money from digital and rely less on advertising.

Three books on games for journalists


Here’s the guff on three books that take different views on gaming but which all have a message for the media industry.

Articles or not, we need new story formats


There has been a spat about whether journalism still needs articles.

No excuses: editiors must experiment


Editors need to experiment and be willing to fail if they are going reap the benefits of digital platforms

Games-based news a ‘long way’ off


Paul Egglestone gives his insights into the use of games in journalism and the challenges of incorporating games into newsroom workflows

On the flood round for Demotix


Citizen journalism is liberating, but I haven’t yet managed to make it pay.

Five trends that will shape journalism


Journalism needs some new ideas. Here are five trends that could help shape how news is told in the future