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Process for Journalism Design

The JxD Project is about using design methods to imagine new ways of doing journalism. It is about taking what is valuable and important about traditional journalism and exploring how that might be redesigned for social, mobile, or other emerging technologies.

The project is the result of research and teaching at the University of Queensland and was funded through the university’s Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation.

So far we’ve developed a process and resources for teaching Journalism Design. The process provides a structure for students as they design. Through phases of discovery, imagining, exploration and critique, students understand the situation they are designing for, the people involved, and the values at play. They need to consider these in relation to what is possible with technology and what is desirable in the situation they are addressing.

The process is available under a Creative Commons licence via the JxD Project website alongside other resources.




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Design artefacts

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Project site    Code


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