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Taming the cube

The cube shape aims to bounding hyperspace and make complex stories easier to navigate.

Shape is a tricky thing to work with and at NewsCubed it has been both our strongest feature and biggest challenge.

Games will be part of journalism’s future

A scene from September 12th

Using games to tell news stories forces journalists to think and work in radically different ways. But, these rich, non-linear narratives have the potential to push storytelling in new directions and engage audiences more deeply.

What can journalism learn from interaction design?


An overview of the NewsCubed research project

No excuses: editiors must experiment


Editors need to experiment and be willing to fail if they are going reap the benefits of digital platforms

Games-based news a ‘long way’ off


Paul Egglestone gives his insights into the use of games in journalism and the challenges of incorporating games into newsroom workflows

Five trends that will shape journalism


Journalism needs some new ideas. Here are five trends that could help shape how news is told in the future

Data journalism needs a story


Narrative is vital when using data as a storytelling device and the lack of a story can render the most elaborate data visualisation pointless.

Street price: a weed story


A clever website is using crowd sourcing to tell an otherwise tricky commodities story

Tough times in show business


There could only be another decade left in the Australian country show circuit. As financial pressures mount and people become time poor, communities are less able to support the agricultural events that roll through town each year.

Multimedia production reaches beyond journalism

Advertising, interactive narratives, social media, citizen journalism and gaming are all part of the mix in the third-year Convergent Production course at the University of Queensland this semester.

How the NYT makes graphics

Photo: Richard Yuan on Flickr

publisher Gestalten delves into how The New York Times creates its visualisations.

Persona non grata


Rwandan journalist Robert Mukombozi has been arrested, kidnapped and shot at. Explore his story.

What Tom Wolfe can teach digital storytellers

Tom Wolfe

The literary journalism movement of the 1960s has some valuable lessons for multimedia journalists.

World Press Freedom Day

Picture 1

Rich media and interaction were key requirements for the UNESCO WPFD 2010 website.

Interactive features


Using a combination of text, sound, vision and interaction, your reader can have a richer and more rewarding experience.