My current projects build on research and teaching initiatives. They include the Journalism Design Framework and the NewsCube.


The Journalism Design project (JxD) aims to develop a framework, in the form of a downloadable template and online resources, for teaching design methods to journalism students. Journalism is at a point of radical change and to remain viable it needs to create innovative news formats. This means that journalism educators need strategies to teach students how to come up with novel and creative ways to use technology. Interaction design, with its focus on people and technology, offers an ideal set of practices and theories to address this problem.

The project is funded by an Early Career grant from the University of Queensland’s Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation.


JxD project website


The NewsCube is a three-dimensional storytelling tool. It won an inagural  Walkley Innovation Grant in 2014. The tool aims to solve the problem of researching or telling complex stories. It does this via a three-dimensional virtual cube that allows you create and aggregate story components in a interactive package. NewsCubes are collaborative and sharable.

The primary finding of the NewsCubed research project was the potential for design research to drive journalism innovation. The research identified Journalism Design as an emerging area of journalism research and practice that address the technological possibilities for journalism as well as the journalistic possibilities for technology.


About NewsCubed

NewsCubed website