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The Global Change Scholars Program is a unique PhD experience designed to cultivate future research leaders. Each year the program invites PhD students from across the University of Queensland’s faculties and institutes and invites them to develop their expertise in transdisciplinary research for real-world impact.

Throughout the year-long program, scholars develop skills in research co-design, creative problem solving, and communication and learn how to apply these to global issues.

A key feature of the program is the Industry Challenge, which involves small teams of scholars working with a public sector partner to address an issue they have. Over several months the teams draw on their disciplinary knowledge and co-design practices to understand the issues and people involved and work with the partner to develop ideas about how to respond. Each team prepares a report for the industry partner.

The Industry Challenge was introduced in 2021. We work with partners from a range of sectors, including social services, environmental protection, youth services, GLAM and regional development.

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