Design researcher / artist

I am a design researcher and artist.

I use creative methods to study how technology and storytelling can be designed to address wicked problems.

As a researcher, I have created storytelling tools, design prototypes and innovation processes that reveal, challenge or disrupt reality. This work has won industry awards, been published in top journals, presented at international conferences and led to legislative change.

As an artist, I am interested in responding visually to themes that emerge from my research. My current work is inspired by the wet sclerophyll forests of Mount Glorious and the impact of environmental change. The process of mark-making is central to this practice, which explores the tonal and expressive qualities of ink alongside drawing, rubbing, and stitching.

I am based at the University of Queensland where I run the Global Change Scholars Program and lead the Design for Social Change theme within the Centre for Communication and Social Change. I study at the Brisbane Institute of Art.


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