Speculative news

Speculative news is a form of design fiction that provokes thinking about how society might respond to wicked problems. It uses a distinctive news style but stories are dated in the future and report on events that have not occurred.

The Futures of Forced Migration
Skye Doherty (2024). Wicked Thinking and The University of Queensland.

Design methods

I design custom methods and participatory tools to understand experiences, explore new ideas, and imagine alternative realities. These include card decks, frameworks and codesign workshops.

Fire Futures participatory design tools
Custom design tools including a deck of design thinking cards and a set of canvases for a community workshop to explore what a fire-resilient future might look like and practical steps to achieve it.

Common law process
A series of workshops helped WorkCover Queensland rethink its operating model for common law claims.

Physical News Card Deck
A set of 48 cards and four activities designed to encourage journalists to imagine how physical computing technologies could be incorporated into public-interest storytelling.

JxD process
A framework and teaching guide for a design-led approach to developing journalistic technology.

Conceptual work

My design prototypes and give form to new ideas for telling stories and engaging audiences.

Fire Futures Concept Portfolio
A set of proposals for media and processes to support community-led fire management. The collection focuses on two communities at risk of very intense bushfires and aims to support residents and agencies to realise a preferable future.

Vim: a tangible energy story
A storytelling machine designed to illustrate how a public issue might be designed for physical interaction and whether that interaction can encourage participation in that issue.

A web-based application designed to allow complex stories to be told from multiple perspectives. Its playful, tactile and collaborative design disrupts traditional journalistic formats and demonstrates the potential for physical and emotional qualities in news design.