An Instagram series about how we can design new ways to tell public interest stories.

Computers are becoming ever more interwoven in our lives: they are part of the built environment and everyday objects, they are increasingly intelligent, and they enable new types of creative engagement. But we don’t have many examples of how to move public-interest storytelling into the physical world. Public screens are one idea, but this is one-way mass media—it’s not social, mobile, or tangible. We need to explore how to design public interest stories for places, spaces, and things.

To design news for internet-connected things or smart environments we will need to understand tangible interaction. This, how we might represent or manipulate information via physical user interfaces that may be mobile or embedded in our environment.

Innovation, design exploration, and a deep understanding of context is key to this. For media companies, it means valuing core principles and practices alongside audience needs and technological possibility.