Books / research articles / conference papers

Books and chapters

Doherty, Skye (2018) Journalism Design: Interactive Technologies and the Future of Storytelling. Abingdon, Oxon United Kingdom: Routledge.

Doherty, Skye and Viller, Stephen (2020). Prototyping interaction: designing technology for communication. In Michael Filimowicz and Veronika Tzankova (Ed.), Reimagining communication: experience (pp. 80-96) New York, NY, United States: Routledge.


Journal articles

Doherty, S, Johnston, J and Matthews, B (2022). Materialising new forms of journalism: a process model. Digital Journalism.

Matthews, B, Doherty, S, Johnston, J and Foth, M (2022). The publics of design: opportunities and challenges for design research and practice. Design Studies, 80.

Matthews, B, Doherty, S, Worthy, P and Reid, J (2022). Design thinking, wicked problems and institutioning change: a case study. CoDesign, 1-17.

Doherty, Skye and Worthy, Peter (2020) Sketching: a method for imagining journalistic tech. Digital Journalism, 10 2: 319-336.

Doherty, Skye (2015) NewsCubed: journalism through design. Journalism Practice, 10 5: 569-588.

Angus, Daniel and Doherty, Skye (2015) Journalism meets interaction design: an interdisciplinary undergraduate teaching initiative. Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, 70 1: 44-57.

Doherty, Skye (2014) Hypertext and journalism: paths for future research. Digital Journalism, 2 2: 124-139.


Conference papers

Doherty Skye, Snow, S, Jennings, K, Rose, B, Matthews, B and Viller S (2020) Vim: a tangible energy story. In Bosser AG, Millard DE, Hargood C (eds) Interactive Storytelling ICIDS 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12497 (pp 271-280) Springer, Cham.

Doherty, Skye and Worthy, Peter (2017). Exploring journalistic values through design: a student perspective. In: Alessandro Soro, Dhaval Vyas, Bernd Ploderer, Ann Morrison, Jenny Waycott and Margot Brereton, Proceedings of the 29th Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction. 29th Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction, Brisbane, Australia, (376-380). 28 November-1 December 2017.



Doherty, Skye (2017). Journalism Design: The NewsCube, Interactive Technologies and Practice PhD Thesis, School of Information Technol and Elec Engineering, The University of Queensland.